For over 56 years, we have manufactured quality books at superb values, serving all kinds of publishers and industry leaders, from large publishers, religious institutions and university presses, to self-published authors, associations and small businesses. When it comes to printing your book, we have the experience to help you make the right choices. Our service is consistent and reliable, and we stand behind our work.

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OpenBAK™ Eurobinding for Easy Reading with Books that stay open

Our OpenBAK™ Eurobind books feature the clean look of perfect binding with stay open capabilities. This is an ideal option for computer manuals, textbooks, directories, music books, cookbooks … any book you want to stay open … at work or school, by the computer ... at home or traveling

The pages are glued to each other and not to the cover of the book allowing the book to stay open.


Print Your Book with the same care

as an Artist's Masterpiece...

“Umbrellas” painted 1881-6 by Pierre August Renoir

Let Whitehall Printing Company show you how... We print textbooks, workbooks, "how to" books, instruction manuals, novels, poetry, computer manuals, monographs, anthologies, teacher guides, parts manuals, industrial catalogs, price lists, cookbooks, directories, reprints...any kind of book. For more than 59 years Whitehall Printing Company has printed books for publishers, authors, universities, associations, and industry.



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