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whitehall printing of naples florida

the perfect partner in the race for self-publishing success.


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printing the perfect book—it’s an art—the ideal combination of digital capabilities, first-rate presses, and talented printing experts. we invite you to tour our departments and to learn how our team of craftspeople set about solving your specific printing needs.

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when mike hirsch founded whitehall in 1959, one photostat copy cost $2.50. using one of the first a.b. dick presses, mike offered 100 copies for $1.75 in numerous newspaper ads. the idea took off; orders came streaming in.

initially located in chicago’s financial district whitehall grew steadily, printing books for major companies and publishers throughout the united states. in 1991, whitehall moved its operation to naples, florida and custom-designed its manufacturing plant around its new and future book manufacturing systems. because it was engineered to maximize work flow, the plant has a highly streamlined production line.

today, under the leadership of mike’s son, jeff, whitehall prints thousands of titles every year. our company is poised to thrive in the 21st century with modern capabilities and an eager eye on acquiring the latest technologies to improve quality and efficiencies.

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money for reviews on amazon

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money for reviews on amazon

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