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Publishing FAQ

Copyright: Grants its owner the exclusive right to reproduce the copyrighted work. Copyrighted works include books, newspapers, computer screen shots, cartoons, and photos. We reproduce copyrighted work only with written permission of the copyright owner. See Copyright Tips to learn how to protect your copyrights.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number): A universally recognized number that identifies each distinct book. It is essential if you plan to sell your book in bookstores. ISBN Application Process. See Barcode Tips and ISBN Tips.

ISSN (International Standard Serial Numbers): Issued by the Library of Congress it identifies books published in a series. ISSN Application

Library of Congress Number: An essential number if you plan to sell your book to libraries. For info, call LOC’s Cataloging in Publication Division at (202) 707-6345. Library of Congress

Trademark: A trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent Office and shows ownership of a company’s or product’s symbol or name. To reproduce a trademarked item, we require written permission from the trademark owner.

UPC: The Universal Product Code is used in barcode format to identify various goods for sale. For books, the code is called the “Bookland EAN.” Its first three numbers are always “978.” The next 9 digits are the same as the first 9 digits of your ISBN. The last digit is a check number. General merchandise stores, including groceries, require UPCs. If you intend to sell your book in general merchandise stores, you will probably need a Bookland EAN. For more information, visit the Universal Code Council website. See also our Barcode Tips.

Tel: 1-800-321-9290
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