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helpful tips - graphic images

graphic images can play an important role in communicating your message. but where can you find that perfect image?

there are several options. one is to hire an illustrator or photographer. another is to use your own photos. a third option, which we will briefly introduce here, is to purchase or lease stock images.

here’s a short list of stock houses that lease and sell both photos and illustrations.

these agencies display their images online, allowing you to search their inventory using key words. there are two types of images:

rights protected images are "rented" for a specific purpose at a specific price. any other use is subject to an additional fee. if you wish to use a photo for your book cover, and you want to limit its use by other publishers, this option may be for you.

royalty free images are purchased outright, either as single images or on cd volumes, and can be used any way you want and as many times as you want, with certain restrictions. royalty-free products are sold on a nonexclusive basis, and therefore are less costly.

which type of image should you use? that depends on your needs and how much you are prepared to pay.

be sure to read the terms and conditions of your purchase so that you understand the uses which are allowed under the agreement, and to ensure that the company has a legitimate right to sell/lease that image to you. if there is a model in the photo, make sure that the company has acquired the necessary talent release.

if you plan to use a color image on your cover, see our color printing tip. for text images see our digital submissions guidelines.


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