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helpful tips - inserts

our inserting service offers several ways of enhancing your book and/or improving its marketability.

inserts include pre-printed pages, diskettes, cd�s, and other materials. they can be bound within the pages of your book block or adhered to your cover. oftentimes, diskette and cd inserting also involves our shrink-wrapping service.

to ensure the lowest prices for our customers, the text pages of our books are printed with black ink only. some of our customers wish to include color pages for photographs, color-coded charts, etc. by using our inserting service, we are able to print color pages on a glossy enamel paper and insert them in one or several places within the body of the book.

some publishers ask us to insert perforated order forms or reply cards near the back of their books. these inserts are quite effective marketing tools, making repeat orders easy.

another creative packaging idea is utilized by homeschooling publishers, who shrink-wrap a full-year�s curriculum along with pencil boxes, video cassettes, and other educational materials.

our customer service reps work closely with customers to develop an inserting plan which meets each customer�s unique needs, while conforming to our press and bindery specifications. give them a call.


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