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prepress services

our prepress technicians play an important role in the manufacture of your book. they perform a wide range of tasks and services needed before your book will even hit the press. we have assembled a wonderful group of specialists to ensure top quality prepress work.

we accept work in digital format, as scanner-ready copy, or as customer-furnished film. our prepress specialists are very good at manipulating these formats in creative ways to produce the best possible product for you.

here are just some of the tasks our capable technicians perform every day:

  • our tech's will contact you using your preferred method phone or email and discuss any issues found and give expert advise on your options.
  • preflighting digital materials to ensure that they will flow smoothly through our systems;
  • check fonts to make sure they are embeded;
  • view all pages to ensure pages backup properly;
  • check all images to make sure they are proper resolution;
  • view pages to check for cutoff type or missing images;
  • scanning pages;
  • scanning images and converting them to halftones or color separations;
  • making alterations to film;
  • applying trapping to covers;
  • preparing customer-furnished film for use on our presses;
  • creating proofs of text pages and covers;
  • creating press plates to be used on our presses;
  • and more!

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"thanks for your keen eye to detail."
- whitehall customer

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