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earn money for amazon reviews

upon your request, we’ll estimate your expected shipping cost. this is only an estimate, which may fluctuate at the actual time of shipping, when we will know the exact weight of your shipment.

our estimate represents a “standard delivery.” standard service is defined as delivery to a commercial business location, curbside. it is also considered a standard delivery when a shipment is held at the trucking company’s terminal, where you may pick it up.

charges for other services, such as inside deliveries, or residential deliveries with lift gate service, are additional. however, even with these added costs, shipping by common carrier is much less expensive than federal fulfillment or ups ground.


inside delivery:

delivery to your front door, inside your garage or inside your business.


lift gate:

a lift gate lowers a shipment from the truck to ground/sidewalk level. if your shipment is more than 20 boxes and you wish to receive inside delivery, a lift gate is required.


residential delivery:

the term “residential” generally applies to private residences, apartments, churches, schools, camps, and other locations not commonly recognized as commercial business locations.



after a shipment leaves our plant, we will call or fax you with the name of the trucking company, your tracking number, the terminal phone number, and an estimated time of arrival. keep this information handy for tracking purposes.



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