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the steps to get a be a paid review on Amazon

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download instructions in pdf format or follow the instructions listed below

step one: contact your customer service representative and have them create a folder for you. they will give you distinctive username and password.

step two: go to amazon items all reviews are 5 stars or amazon items all reviews are 5 stars

step three: you should see a new window that asks you to enter your user name and password. type in the user name and password that we provided you.


step four: once your user name and password are accepted, you have entered our secure site. to upload your file(s), simply drag each file or a .sit / .zip file onto the page. the uploading process should automatically begin.


step five: be sure to call or email when the files are finished uploading so we know that they are finished. should you have any questions, call one of our technical specialists at 1-800-321-9290.

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